A Warm Hat!

I made this hat recently for my brother-in-law. He is from Jamaica, and has never experienced the low temperatures that we get here in Atlanta. So I figured a nice warm hat is needed! I used wool and alpaca yarn which I reclaimed from a sweater that I found at a thrift shop. I really liked the pattern, it was super easy, just knit and purl stitches.IMG_1645 IMG_1646


My First Pair of Socks


I can’t speak for all knitters, but since starting to knit, I have always wanted to tackle several cornerstones of knitting. Hats, socks, and a sweater. I started my journey first by attempting to knit hats, I didn’t know the proper way of knitting a hat, so I would knit a rectangle and hope for the best. A couple of these so-called ‘hats’ came out either too small or way too big, so those of course became lovely gifts for friends. I never really liked the outcome and uncertainty of wondering if this hat would fit or not. So I bit the bullet, followed a simple pattern and the results were a lovely hat that fit properly!


Now socks always seemed way more difficult to me than a hat. I’ve wondered how in the world do you knit it so that forms a foot, and the heel, how in the world did they knit that!? I knew that in order for me to understand this, I had to do it! So I started by finding an easy and simple sock pattern. But this wasn’t all that easy. A lot of the sock patterns I found were for women’s sizes or were a mens size but wouldn’t have fit. But I came across this pattern and it was exactly what I was looking for. The results are a nifty pair of wool socks! I really like how these came together. They of course have various mistakes, but that’s expected on a project that you use as a learning process. Surprisingly it wasnt the heel that I found to be the most difficult, it was how to sew up the toes. I tried the instructions that were given with the pattern, but those were rather confusing and when i was done, my toes were sticking out of these lil holes. So for the second sock I wanted to make sure I didn’t repeat this mistake. I came across this tutorial and it was so great! Easy to understand, both written and well illustrated instructions! I was very pleased with how this technique turned out! I am sure to rely on it for my next pair of socks.

Yay! New Blog & Site!

As you can see, things here look a lil’ different. I have been wanting a simplified and cohesive blog and website for some time now. A major weakness of mine is website design and coding. I have taken a couple classes on website design, but its like this crazy foreign language that I just cannot grasp. Being a graphic designer it is a required prerequisite, it’s not that I am opposed to it, I’d really like to be able to know and understand the various coding languages. But until then I went with the simplest and easiest result for now.