My Quilt is Finished. 

Around 2003 or 2004 I decided to make a quilt. I wanted to try my hand at making a crazy quilt. I began piecing together scraps of fabric into larger pieces of cloth. I also chose to incorporate tee shirts that I had found at concerts or from various artists. 

Nearly every piece of fabric has its own sort of story. I have donated fabric from friends and my mother, who is also a quilter. During one of the stages of progress, I had sent out fabric squares asking friends to decorate or do what they wish on them for me to incorporate into the quilt. It’s really wonderful to have these pieces all together on this quilt. 

I embroidered a couple of pieces to add to this too. I really love the juxtaposition of the various elements. The silks, denim, canvas, and other fabrics. The various test swatches, as I like to call them, from testing out button holes and various stitches on my sewing machine. During the many years of working on this nearly all my fabric scraps were incorporated in some way. Even test swatches from screen printing fabric for custom projects. 

This quilt tells a story about what has influenced me throughout the years. The musicians and artists who I really admire, as well as quilting and sewing traditions. 


Waxed Gear


Last weekend I picked up this great Snow Lion brand 1970s era down sleeping bag. After some research I discovered it was a good quality bag, which made the $8 investment worth it. I’ve been looking for a bag for a while now, and was pretty excited to find this. The bag initially came with this pretty awful and deteriorating stuff sack, so I decided to make my own stuff sack. I treated the fabric with some beeswax so that it would be water proof/repellant. I have never done something like that before, but I really like how it turned out. I also decided to line the bag with a soft cotton fabric, as I thought it’d make a nice pillow turned inside out while resting out on the trails. I really love how it turned out and how well it coordinates with my backpack!photo 2 photo 3photo-1

Suited Up!

Recently I was asked to design and make a custom computer case for a client. I always loved making one-of-a-kind products specifically for people. They were looking for a case for their rather unique computer which flipped and folded up into different positions, I guess that’s why the manufacture called it “yoga”. Well anyway, they were looking for natural fibers like woolens and waxed canvases. I was inspired to use vintage 100% wool suiting fabric from various reclaimed suits. I had never worked with this fabric before, and really enjoyed the process. I had a couple hiccups along the way. The final product was my second attempt, as I kept having problems doing an inset zipper. I havent done one of those in some years since I was in fashion design school. But besides that, I think it turned out rather nice. I’ve been thinking about incorporating more of this material into some future designs.
IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1893

First Knitted Gloves



A couple of days ago I decided to go through my yarn stash, whoa I have acquired a lot of yarn in the last year! As I hear from many knitters and yarn enthusiasts this is a very common symptom. Sometimes I feel like I can just never knit enough to even begin to make a dent into this large collection of fiber. But one must at least try, and that leads to my rediscovery of a yarn that I had forgotten about. I found it at a local yarn store on clearance and really admired its colour and simple ply. At the time I had no idea what I was going to knit with it. So there it sat in my heap of yarn waiting to be transformed into something to be loved and cherished.

And so after several attempts and contemplating over several patterns, I decided to knit the yarn into a pair of cozy and warm gloves. This is my first attempt at gloves, and have been rather curious about how to make them. It was incredibly easier than I thought it would be. The only problem I had were in between the fingers there were large gaps, I tried to pick up stitches and that seemed to help a bit, but when I was finished I just tried to weave and reinforce those areas. It looks a lil messy, but that’s what happens when trying something new for the first time. It happens…

First Photo


Photography has always been an interest of mine. When I was about five or six, I remember getting my first camera. It was one of those cereal toys that you sent for by mail. I think that I have it somewhere tucked away, but this is what it looked like. It was a lil’ miniature 110 camera, I was quite fond of it. The very first photo that I remember taking was of our dog Pepper’s dog biscuit. I don’t really know why it was that I thought to take a picture of a dog biscuit, but it could very well explain my artistic aesthetic today, who knows?? I recently came across another photo (taken when I had just turned three), which I don’t remember taking, my mum wrote on the back “Joshua took a photo of my foot his foot”.

In high school, my friend and I would often dress up and take photos after school. We would go to various places around our small town, and I would try to emulate what inspired me in that month’s issue of Vogue. This is how I became somewhat obsessed with fashion, my friend didn’t really have the wardrobe that I had envisioned for those after school photo shoots. So I started designing, sewing, and using many safety pins, because that was “so cool” and lets just face it, I was not the greatest with a sewing machine.

I then went to fashion design school and learned how to turn those safety pinned seams into much cleaner and safer sewn seams. I then understood how to design and sew a garment, and soon I decided to sell these pieces. In order to sell, you need to have photos of what you are selling. So once again I grabbed my friends and started having photo shoots. The shoots became a much bigger production lasting nearly all day long. I soon realized that I needed to learn more than just how to photograph and how to sew; I needed to be the hair stylists, the makeup artist, the location scout, and photo editor. All of this was more challenging and exciting, but I really loved the entire process.


Now I have, and probably most of you, have unwillingly traded in our analog and digital cameras for our more convenient phone cameras. I have at times used my smart phone for photographing my products and other projects. It is very convenient and much easier to share those images with your specific audience. Although, I still miss those days of not knowing if your photo had turned out or if it had and having to wait an hour or two for your film to be developed. I haven’t completely given up on using an analog camera though, I still carry a lil’ disposable camera with me. I like to take random photos every now and then with it, have it developed several months later and enjoy the element of surprise when you open that photo packet.

Photography is an innate need for people I believe, there is always something that we find interesting or beautiful or perhaps grotesque, and we have this need to preserve it or share it with people. That’s what is great about photography, it encapsulates these moments in time, and in today’s world there are many ways for us to share them with other people.  Whether we are using an analog camera or the one on our phone, will always have photography, and the ability to share them.

Bike Embroidery

Sorry for the bad photo, todays weather is not the best for photographing.

I am currently working on a quilt that I have been meaning to get to at various points in the last several years. At first I had intended on making a tee-shirt quilt, which would have been nice, but I am glad I didn’t take that route per say. I am still making a tee-shirt quilt, but I also want to combine various elements and create a crazy quilt. The last few embroidery pieces I have been working on will be incorporated into the quilt. The most resent one is an embroidery of my bike. I truly love my bike! My intentions are that the quilt with have various embroidered pieces of things that mean a lot to me.