This blog is a place for me to catalogue and share the various projects that I am currently or have worked on. Born and raised in the heart of Michigan, I have been creating since I was a child. My first interest was photography, finding my first camera in a cereal box. Around this time was when I started sewing, making cat toys with scrapes of fabric my mother had lying around. Growing up I would watch my mother doing traditional crafts such as quilting, cross stitching, and basket making. Watching her really inspired me to be creative and many of these techniques influence my work today.

In high school I began to explore other mediums such as illustration, pottery, weaving, and painting. During this time I began to focus on photography, which lead to my interest in fashion design.

After high school I began studying fashion design in Chicago. It was then when I started JLR Fashions, a project that focused on ready-to-wear garments and accessories. I did this for about three years.

Still wanting to design, I shifted my focus into graphic design. In December 2010, I received a degree in graphic design. Though my main focus is graphic design, I continue to explore other art mediums. I have a keen interest in traditional crafts, and how they can still be incorporated into modern art forms. A rather new interest of mine is knitting and embroidery. Currently I am designing and sewing an accessories line; tote bags, pouches, and cases.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I encourage you to share your thoughts and questions about my work, so please feel free to leave a comment or email:  jlrease@gmail.com. Enjoy!