Suited Up!

Recently I was asked to design and make a custom computer case for a client. I always loved making one-of-a-kind products specifically for people. They were looking for a case for their rather unique computer which flipped and folded up into different positions, I guess that’s why the manufacture called it “yoga”. Well anyway, they were looking for natural fibers like woolens and waxed canvases. I was inspired to use vintage 100% wool suiting fabric from various reclaimed suits. I had never worked with this fabric before, and really enjoyed the process. I had a couple hiccups along the way. The final product was my second attempt, as I kept having problems doing an inset zipper. I havent done one of those in some years since I was in fashion design school. But besides that, I think it turned out rather nice. I’ve been thinking about incorporating more of this material into some future designs.
IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1893


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