First Knitted Gloves



A couple of days ago I decided to go through my yarn stash, whoa I have acquired a lot of yarn in the last year! As I hear from many knitters and yarn enthusiasts this is a very common symptom. Sometimes I feel like I can just never knit enough to even begin to make a dent into this large collection of fiber. But one must at least try, and that leads to my rediscovery of a yarn that I had forgotten about. I found it at a local yarn store on clearance and really admired its colour and simple ply. At the time I had no idea what I was going to knit with it. So there it sat in my heap of yarn waiting to be transformed into something to be loved and cherished.

And so after several attempts and contemplating over several patterns, I decided to knit the yarn into a pair of cozy and warm gloves. This is my first attempt at gloves, and have been rather curious about how to make them. It was incredibly easier than I thought it would be. The only problem I had were in between the fingers there were large gaps, I tried to pick up stitches and that seemed to help a bit, but when I was finished I just tried to weave and reinforce those areas. It looks a lil messy, but that’s what happens when trying something new for the first time. It happens…


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