First Photo


Photography has always been an interest of mine. When I was about five or six, I remember getting my first camera. It was one of those cereal toys that you sent for by mail. I think that I have it somewhere tucked away, but this is what it looked like. It was a lil’ miniature 110 camera, I was quite fond of it. The very first photo that I remember taking was of our dog Pepper’s dog biscuit. I don’t really know why it was that I thought to take a picture of a dog biscuit, but it could very well explain my artistic aesthetic today, who knows?? I recently came across another photo (taken when I had just turned three), which I don’t remember taking, my mum wrote on the back “Joshua took a photo of my foot his foot”.

In high school, my friend and I would often dress up and take photos after school. We would go to various places around our small town, and I would try to emulate what inspired me in that month’s issue of Vogue. This is how I became somewhat obsessed with fashion, my friend didn’t really have the wardrobe that I had envisioned for those after school photo shoots. So I started designing, sewing, and using many safety pins, because that was “so cool” and lets just face it, I was not the greatest with a sewing machine.

I then went to fashion design school and learned how to turn those safety pinned seams into much cleaner and safer sewn seams. I then understood how to design and sew a garment, and soon I decided to sell these pieces. In order to sell, you need to have photos of what you are selling. So once again I grabbed my friends and started having photo shoots. The shoots became a much bigger production lasting nearly all day long. I soon realized that I needed to learn more than just how to photograph and how to sew; I needed to be the hair stylists, the makeup artist, the location scout, and photo editor. All of this was more challenging and exciting, but I really loved the entire process.


Now I have, and probably most of you, have unwillingly traded in our analog and digital cameras for our more convenient phone cameras. I have at times used my smart phone for photographing my products and other projects. It is very convenient and much easier to share those images with your specific audience. Although, I still miss those days of not knowing if your photo had turned out or if it had and having to wait an hour or two for your film to be developed. I haven’t completely given up on using an analog camera though, I still carry a lil’ disposable camera with me. I like to take random photos every now and then with it, have it developed several months later and enjoy the element of surprise when you open that photo packet.

Photography is an innate need for people I believe, there is always something that we find interesting or beautiful or perhaps grotesque, and we have this need to preserve it or share it with people. That’s what is great about photography, it encapsulates these moments in time, and in today’s world there are many ways for us to share them with other people.  Whether we are using an analog camera or the one on our phone, will always have photography, and the ability to share them.


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